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MVP MLP MUP Blog Featured Image - Sarvika Technologies

Check out the things you should know about MVP, MLP, and MUP (advantages and disadvantages) for Starting a business with a product idea.

by Jyotsana

June 17, 2021


Are you stuck in Fake Agile? Then you might want to stop and reassess. Check out this blog on What is Fake Agile? How to identify it?

by Aniket Batwal

May 26, 2021


One crucial part of a Business Analyst in tech company is writing epics and user stories. Epics and User Stories: What and how? Check it out.

by Nalin Vats

May 20, 2021


Check out the easiest ways to understanding Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Read this blog to know more regarding APIs

by Aakarshan Sharma

May 4, 2021


Low code development concept is one of the innovation coming to development tools and technologies. Check out it's quick introduction.

by Harish Ramchandani

April 21, 2021


We asked various domain experts at Sarvika Technologies to name the programming languages they think will lead the change in 2021.

by Sarvika Technologies

March 31, 2021

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