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We design

Bespoke Software Solutions

for businesses from ground-up
While helping businesses overcome IT challenges we evaluated their


As a result, we built Clowre a

Secure, Scalable & Flexible

Right at this moment, clients from

eCommerce, Healthcare, and Education technology

domains are running their businesses on system we designed
but we are industry-agnostic
They are loving our


They are benefiting from our


We achieve all this and more via


delivery models

Our clients say about us

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    Sarvika Technologies is a software solutions company helping clients at all levels of growth with its technical expertise. The company came into existence in 2013 with a vision to help businesses replace traditional processes with digitized solutions. From helping start-ups design IT processes to modernizing and building custom solutions for enterprises, the company has covered a long distance in positioning itself as the leading IT partner. Sarvika Technologies has a global clientele maintaining presence primarily in North America, and has a unit of 100+ techies armed with a massive tech stack including Java, Golang, React JS, Node JS, Docker, Kubernetes, and various others.

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