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Software Product Engineering

The present business environment demands software that delivers value to clients and offers businesses the much needed flexibility and agility. The software development team at Sarvika brings together next-generation technologies like AI, IoT, microservices, future languages under one umbrella to deliver world-class software products and services.

With careful thoughts over robust architecture and following industry standard code practices, Sarvika offers real-time scalability, enhanced security features, and dependable performance-based custom products and solutions to its client.

  • We believe that no business can survive the volatile IT space if given ill-designed software(s), hence maintaining excellent quality and delivering sustainable software is centre to our product engineering solutions.
  • Sarvika designed software products are scalable and provide seamless integration while maintaining the perfect balance between quality and cost.

Digital Transformation

Organizations, irrespective of their sizes, undertake Digital Transformation to benefit from modern technologies and boost their efficiency in daily operations. A successful revolution demands an ideal balance of knowledge and expertise; the absence of which can render the change ineffective.

We help businesses unlock successful digital transformations by designing custom IT solutions. Initial screening by leadership experts to determine accurate needs, deploying maximum and latest technologies, adopting transparent implementation practices by including stakeholders in the process, and offering 24×7 maintenance services help us deliver profitable results.


eCommerce Solutions

Lack of familiarity in technical domain hampers the productivity of online business owners. Our end-to-end eCommerce service is the one-stop destination for all: sole entrepreneurs to national or international level business houses.

Our eCommerce intelligence is backed by the best minds in business which are Business Analysts, UI/UX Designers, eCommerce Catalog & Product Managers, and Experienced Marketing Team. All together work to shape your business idea, gather requirements, setup advanced eCommerce platform, provide basic to complex third party integrations, and offer 24/7 assistance services.

The end solution is also able to provide data analytics like consumer behaviour, buying patterns and product performance insights which not only help the platform owners to boost their client engagement but also deliver high-yield eCommerce systems.


Technology Consulting

From young undertakings to medium enterprises to global level conglomerates. We have provided result-driven technical consultancy to companies of all shapes and sizes. Our skilled engineers carry years of hands-on expertise to help the leadership align organization’s technological needs with its vision and mission.

Consultancy in advanced technologies, client-friendly engagement models, domain expertise, round the clock services to cater to multiple time zones are few of numerous benefits of associating with us.

We understand the core problem, offer solutions based on our technical knowledge and industry experience, discuss alternative course of actions, and implement changes. The process helps companies in capacity building and workforce development while promoting cross-cultural collaboration. Our motto is simple: to remove technical hurdles and let you focus on expanding the horizons of your business.


Business Agility

Ability to absorb changes in business practices and modern technologies is detrimental to a company’s victory. Complex industry environment in conjunction with constant IT upgrades gives birth to operational challenges for organizations. With proficient Agile coaches by our side, we help enterprises incorporate a dynamic outlook in their structure – both horizontally and vertically.

Our agile capabilities help provide solutions that foster employee upskilling. We help leaders become agile in their vision and commitment, introduce change across all levels of management, inspire teams to continuously innovate products and services to maximize market share, and achieve greater responsiveness to clients’ needs. The result of which becomes known in the form of improved performance matrices.


Cloud Infra Solutions

Data safety and privacy is every organizations’ top concern. Whether you want to set up a new cloud or wish to migrate data from one to another, we possess the mastery to handle all your cloud related worries. Our cloud services are scalable, provide seamless integration, and help improve your businesses’ productivity and efficiency.

Storing information on cloud empowers your business with data that is available anytime, anywhere to help people make decisions on the go.