About us

Healthcare is changing with technology, altering how doctors help patients and how patients get care. Digital healthcare covers many areas like health IT, wearable devices, personalized medicine, and telemedicine. This growth shows the rising demand for good healthcare and the spread of digital tools.

Sarvika Tech is the healthcare solutions partner where we deliver Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) tool compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices. It employs digital technologies to track and analyze patient’s vital information beyond traditional clinical measures. It allows healthcare professionals to remotely monitor and follow up on patient’s health conditions without increasing healthcare costs for patients and doctors. It also makes their exhausting schedule light to get them to manage better.

What do we offer


A comprehensive solution by supplying monitoring devices paired with a mobile application (Android or iOS).


Remotely monitor and follow up on the patient’s readings


Multiple reports in different formats using graphs for easy comparison.


Customize the tracking and investigation for every patient as needed


Sends tailor-made reminders to patients to ensure timely tracking of vital readings.


Ensure doctor-patient confidentiality by restricting access to unauthorised personnel.

Key Benefits for Patients

Ready prescriptions and doctor’s notes

Accessible prescriptions and doctor’s notes that enable timely medication procurement and clear communication among healthcare providers.

Readings Trends

 Viewing your readings in graphical and tabular formats prevents the hassle of carrying and maintaining manual records.

Timely Reminders on the phone

Timely reminders will ensure that you will never miss recording your vital readings or prescribed medications.

Maintain Medical History

Centralized storage provides convenient access to your personal and family members’ health records, offering freedom from carrying manual records everywhere.

How do we work for your success
since day one?

Initiate an Onboarding Meeting

Kickstart the process with a comprehensive onboarding meeting, either face-to-face or virtual, to understand your project specifics and address any questions or concerns


Examine Roles & Responsibilities

Thoroughly examine project objectives, milestones, and processes. Discuss the roles and responsibilities of all team members to ensure clarity and alignment.


Explore Desired Outcomes

Engage in a meaningful conversation about project milestones and collaborate on strategies to achieve success, fostering a shared understanding of the project’s direction.


Proactively Identify & Address Roadblocks

Compile a checklist, review project timelines, and address potential obstacles proactively to ensure a smooth project journey.


Solicit Constructive Feedback

Encourage clients to share questions and concerns, actively listening to their input. We commit to prompt follow-ups via calls or emails to address outstanding matters.


Document & Follow-up

Capture comprehensive meeting notes for immediate clarification and circulate a concise summary post-meeting, outlining action items for the next steps.


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