PCI Compliance in E-commerce

PCI stands for “Payment Card Industry.” Your business won’t face a legal action if not compliant. But a breach if caused by your business may be a very big deal. Every merchant is now aware of these implications and they want an ecommerce portal to be PCI compliant. You’d think a cybercriminal would be interested in bigger businesses to hack but smaller businesses are targeted more due to their vulnerabilities. PCI compliance can be achieved with smart collaborations and securing your system in utmost manner.

Agile @ Sarvika

While developing a software or an application for the client, our motto has been to deliver quality products on time while keeping the cost under check. The Agile methodology of system development adopted by Sarvika aids in achieving the motto – where the development is done in small phases with strict checks at each phase. We take pride in being Agile when it comes to development.... Read more

eCommerce Trends to Gain Momentum in Late 2019!

In this dynamic and fast-paced industry, the most crucial element is to remain updated with trends affecting a user’s buying conscious. Click to know about trends that will influence the eCommerce market in late 2019.


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