Progressive Web Apps and Why You Should Care?

Do you sell products and/or services online? If you do, then Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are something you need to watch out for! A major problem faced by online sellers is to hire developers for building mobile applications for different operating systems like Android, iOS, etc. It costs not only money and time but also a need for continuously updating different applications with new updates and features. PWA aims to solve this issue by enabling buyers to enjoy a mobile app like shopping experience through a web browser. As a result, buyers will not have to download a dedicated application from the store, and online business owners will not have to pay extra for designing and updating different store applications. Read more about PWA

Gorgeous orange and yellow marigold flower decoration inside the campus, Ashoka tree hangings on the walls, and warmth of diyas in the atmosphere;

this was the environment at Sarvika Technologies on the eve of the festival of lights. The day was kicked off with Sarvikans decorating the office space, photography session,

Diwali pooja, team lunch, and distribution of gifts and sweets to everyone. On behalf of the entire team, Sarvika Technologies wishes you and your loved ones a prosperous Deepawali.

OLM aka Order Lifecycle Management

A major point of concern for online business owners is maintaining correct inventory levels, and tracking an item’s status right from the moment an order is placed until it is delivered to the customer. OLM or Order Lifecycle Management is a process that helps maintain control over a product’s movement.

It also gives continuous updates on the inventory levels of a stock, which helps in avoiding stockout situations and incurring excess storage costs. Leading companies like Oracle offer quality OLM software packs to eCommerce businesses of all sizes.

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