The Age Of Agile Development

We all have heard tech gurus and IT experts rave about agile methodology and how it has positively impacted the process of software development. But have you ever wondered what paved the way for companies going agile, from where the concept came into existence? We’ve got all the answers for you in our blog encompassing everything about agile. Read here.

What Features Your Dream eCommerce Store Will Have?

A million people have a million opinions, and we want to bank on those choices by compiling a list of top features which people want to have in their dream online stores. It can be anything; from supporting high-resolution product images to a one-page checkout option to ensuring compliance with PCI and GDPR guidelines. Click here to fill the Google Form, and share your valuable answers with us, today!

Embracing Eco-Friendly Practices

Whether it’s Adidas and Parley’s collaboration to make shoes using plastic waste or Burger King’s decision to discontinue plastic toys; organizations all over the world are undertaking environment-friendly practices. Unlike business plans which are backed with Plan B, C,

and D; we got only one planet to survive on and caring for it is a must. We have to take steps that ensure sustainable development for the sake of future generations. At Sarvika Technologies: we utilize the least amount of papers in our daily working, follow paper

recycling policies by using shredders and use reusable food-grade plastic water bottles throughout the campus. We’ve done and will keep doing our bit, now it’s your turn.