Team Sarvika Touches New Milestones -

Growing Team, Tech Stack Expansion, Capacity and Capability Building

The beginning of all things great is always humble. The seed sown by our visionary CEO Rakesh Chaudhary in the year 2013 is steadily growing and expanding its horizons — day-by-day and year-by-year. We started with a team of few members, which has now crossed the mark of 50 and not only this, we recently added a brand new workspace to provide for our augmenting resources. With this, Sarvika Tech now operates from a G+3 corporate tower in the heart of Jaipur city, where our team occupies the basement, ground, second, and third floor. Equipped with the latest technology, infrastructure, and manpower; Sarvika Tech is all set to take on challenges and lead the IT outsourcing industry.

Nine Organizational Benefits of Software Outsourcing

Lack of trust is one of the prime reasons why leading IT companies feel reluctant in opting for the outsourcing route. They often fear that the absence of control on the product/software development could lead to delays and increased cost. If you have the same mindset, then your company is losing out on a plethora of benefits of software outsourcing. All the superior outsourcing firms now focus on delivering quality software at competitive prices and offering 24/7 support. Know more about all such advantages in our blog on Organizational Benefits of Software Outsourcing.

A Comprehensive Checklist on eCommerce Website Development and Design

The desire to achieve everything at once gave birth to the concept of Multitasking. But in the constant effort of getting it all, we often end up making small mistakes which later come to bite back in the form of huge blunders. The solution — a checklist that gives us a complete overview of all tasks, before moving ahead with the final closure. We’ve prepared a similar list for you to have a look before launching your eCommerce store. Check it out.