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Despite all the benefits of distributed teams, there are often many challenges that members come across when they are neck-deep in the water.

by Harish Ramchandani

August 4, 2021


Low code development concept is one of the innovation coming to development tools and technologies. Check out it's quick introduction.

by Harish Ramchandani

April 21, 2021

Six things no one tells you about eCommerce product customization- Featured-Image

A significant increase in the number of ecommerce product customization has things that no one tells you about. Check it out.

by Harish Ramchandani

July 3, 2020

Business Analysis A roller-coaster ride to having happy clients blog featured image

Business Analysis is a roller-coaster ride to having happy clients. Check out the various KPIs/responsibilities of a BA to-achieve time-line.

by Harish Ramchandani

April 17, 2020

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