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Yes, escapism is good. Here’s how it helps. Blog Featured image.

Talking about the positive effects of escapism, it is good and has a host of benefits that makes it oh-so addictive. Check out this blog.

by Mayur Ghiya

April 6, 2021


A sedentary lifestyle stems from sedentary behavior. And sitting or lying down (except sleeping) are considered sedentary behaviors.

by Mayur Ghiya

March 16, 2021


Mental illness is no longer considered a taboo subject and corporate world has recognized that it has direct impact on employees’ productivity

by Mayur Ghiya

February 16, 2021

escapism featured image

Escapism means immersing yourself in the world of imagination and fantasy to escape reality. Check out how much escapism is too much escapism.

by Mayur Ghiya

August 27, 2020

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