We never realized this, until now, that though Sarvika always stood tall with concerns like diversity and inclusion, we never were vocal about them. The month of June is considered as the Pride Month all over the world. As a promoter of a safe and secure work environment where people of different ethnicities, gender, and preferences work together to achieve the impossible, Sarvika Technologies would like to show support to the members of the LGBTQIA community by incorporating the beautiful rainbow colors in our brand throughout June.

Do you have a vision in mind about this unique idea that can solve a problem but don't know where to start? Our code-blooded Sarvikan Jay is here to help you. He has compiled a checklist of everything that you need to build an application using the Go language. And to help you take the idea a step further, you can read his two-part blog series on building scalable applications with Go:


Should I opt for the latest version of the eCommerce platform? What if it impacts my existing customers? What if they do not like the fresh look or new features? Such questions are always on the business owner's mind when it comes to migrating or upgrading their eCommerce platform. The answer lies in proper research and comparison between various pros and cons. We have done that for you and present to you the reasons-cum-benefits you should opt for the latest version of the eCommerce platform for your online store. Check it out.

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