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Welcome to another part of People of Sarvika. We aim to get up close and personal with people who are building Sarvika Technologies.

by Sarvika Technologies

November 30, 2021

10 key features that users seek in every EdTech application.Featured Image 2 - Blog Sarvika Technologies

Are you looking to deliver an online tutoring experience with key features that users seek in every EdTech application? Check out this blog.

by Aniket Batwal

September 30, 2021

Message-from-the-director (1)

Message from the Director: 8-years of Sarvika Technologies. I congratulate you all on the 8th anniversary of Sarvika Technologies.

by Sarvika Technologies

September 15, 2021

How to design better data forms! - Featured Image

Data forms should be interactive and provide good user experience to achieve better conversion rate. Check out how to design better data forms.

by Mohit Bairwa

September 7, 2021

Check out why ReactJS is best suited for front-end development. ReactJS is not touted as the best javascript based library for no reason.

by Sourabh Tejawat

August 30, 2021


Digital transformation escalated a lot during the COVID-crises. Check what organizations need to know for a successful digital transformation

by Jyotsana

August 10, 2021


Despite all the benefits of distributed teams, there are often many challenges that members come across when they are neck-deep in the water.

by Harish Ramchandani

August 4, 2021

unit-testing-before-QA-testing (1)

Unit testing is a highly preferred part of the SDLC process. Check out these 9 reasons why Developer’s Unit testing can do wonders.

by Sourabh Tejawat

July 20, 2021

Ajay Garg -Fourteen-years-on-learning-and-development-still-going-strong-#PeopleofSarvika

Meet Ajay Garg, the Lead QA at Sarvika Technologies, a cheerful personality whose go-getter attitude is an inspiration for all.

MVP MLP MUP Blog Featured Image - Sarvika Technologies

Check out the things you should know about MVP, MLP, and MUP (advantages and disadvantages) for Starting a business with a product idea.

by Jyotsana

June 17, 2021


Locking a good eCommerce conversion rate is proving to be a challenge for online store owners. Ace your eCommerce game using these tips!

by Mehul Kumar

June 10, 2021


Are you stuck in Fake Agile? Then you might want to stop and reassess. Check out this blog on What is Fake Agile? How to identify it?

by Aniket Batwal

May 26, 2021


One crucial part of a Business Analyst in tech company is writing epics and user stories. Epics and User Stories: What and how? Check it out.

by Nalin Vats

May 20, 2021


Check out the easiest ways to understanding Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Read this blog to know more regarding APIs


Low code development concept is one of the innovation coming to development tools and technologies. Check out it's quick introduction.

by Harish Ramchandani

April 21, 2021


Check out this eCommerce email marketing guide that can help you in your first email campaign for your eCommerce business.

by Mehul Kumar

April 13, 2021

Yes, escapism is good. Here’s how it helps. Blog Featured image.

Talking about the positive effects of escapism, it is good and has a host of benefits that makes it oh-so addictive. Check out this blog.

by Mayur Ghiya

April 6, 2021


We asked various domain experts at Sarvika Technologies to name the programming languages they think will lead the change in 2021.

by Mehul Kumar

March 31, 2021


A sedentary lifestyle stems from sedentary behavior. And sitting or lying down (except sleeping) are considered sedentary behaviors.

by Mayur Ghiya

March 16, 2021

From the leaders, with motivation and love. International Women's Day

From the leaders, with motivation and love. | International Women's Day

by Aviral Chitkara

March 8, 2021


The blog covers topics from life of a BA at different levels to technical documents and special terms they should know. Check it out.

by Aniket Batwal

February 26, 2021


Mental illness is no longer considered a taboo subject and corporate world has recognized that it has direct impact on employees’ productivity

by Mayur Ghiya

February 16, 2021


If you are looking for how to decide between on-premises and cloud infrastructure for hosting your application then check out this blog.

by Jyotsana

February 9, 2021

Employer Branding Strategy Your company needs it more than you can imagine

Companies confuse Employer Branding with Corporate Branding. It is solely for building a positive brand image to attract culture-fit talent.

by Kriti Sobti

January 28, 2021


Saying goodbye is never easy, even when one is saying that to a dreading year we never imagined like 2020.

by Mayur Ghiya

January 12, 2021


What things to consider if you are building a SaaS application, and what all features a modern-day cloud application is expected to have .

by Somendra Sharma

December 30, 2020

Anjana Jhajhria

Meet Anjana Jhajhria, the UI/UX design lead at Sarvika Technologies. Her career story is an inspiration to many. Check it out here.

by Sarvika Technologies

December 22, 2020


Knocking on a new door. The brave, new world of Sarvika Technologies. Why now? Why after three years? Check it out here.

by Aviral Chitkara

December 16, 2020


A payment gateway provides the business and its clients with multiple online payment options to choose from. Check these seven factor now.

by Jyotsana

December 8, 2020

How to build a design system using atomic elemnts - Blog - Featured Image - Sarvika Technologies

A design system is used for designing a large number of screens for a big application smoother. Check out how you can build a Design System.

by Mohit Bairwa

December 1, 2020

Business Requirement Document - Blog_Featured_Image_Sarvika_Technologies (2)

Like every other business idea or plan, business requirement document too has evolved over the decade and continues to change till date.

by Aniket Batwal

November 25, 2020


Bringing light to major setbacks of adopting the microservices architecture, check out why Microservices architecture is not for you.

by Aviral Chitkara

November 17, 2020


From a startup to a multinational, irrespective of the domain, every company goes through a series of changes in one way or the other.

by Aviral Chitkara

November 6, 2020


Microservices architecture operates to break large, complex applications into independent, multiple services that communicate using API.

by Aviral Chitkara

October 27, 2020


eCommerce catalog management is one of the crucial points for managing an eCommerce website. Check out challenges faced and their solutions.

by Jaswant

October 20, 2020

eCommerce SEO Hacks

SEO plays a significant role in marketing. I have assembled a list of eleven SEO hacks that will help your eCommerce website achieve high search rankings.

by Mehul Kumar

October 7, 2020

Get your basics of eCommerce order fulfillment right!

This blog will guide through the murky waters of eCommerce order fulfillment. It covers the process from online order placement to delivery.

by Saumya Agarwal

September 21, 2020

9-principles-to-live-by-as-a-software-debveloper (1)

Check out these nine principles as a software developer that will guide you throughout your professional being as a software developer.

by Aniket Batwal

September 14, 2020

Creating an API with GraphQL, SpringBoot, and MySQL Database - Featured Image

Creating API using GraphQL? GraphQL is an advanced level query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data.

by Ramgopal Lamrod

September 9, 2020

escapism featured image

Escapism means immersing yourself in the world of imagination and fantasy to escape reality. Check out how much escapism is too much escapism.

by Mayur Ghiya

August 27, 2020

Everything about SKU which eCommerce owners should know. - featured image

The information in an SKU code highlights the characteristics of a product like its brand. Check out everything about SKU you should know.

by Aniket Batwal

August 20, 2020

eCommerce customer experience blog featured image - Sarvika Technologies

Customer experience will overtake product and price as the key brand differentiator. Check these ways to improve your customer experience.

by Jyotsana

August 14, 2020

unlocking sarvika technologies blog featured image - sarvika technologies

For unlocking Sarvika Technologies, the management designed an unlock plan which was implemented in multiple phases. Check it out.

by Aviral Chitkara

August 5, 2020

Say No To Multitasking - Sarvika Technologies blog - Featured Image

Multitasking impacts your work quality. It is the most over-rated and highly unproductive working technique one can ever use. Check out why.

by Aviral Chitkara

July 30, 2020

Product-Recommendations (1)

One of the most widely used methods to boost engagement is the product personalization recommendation techniques. Check out the blog.

by Jyotsana

July 23, 2020


All the bookworms and binge readers need some junk during their usual course of continuous reading sessions to relax their brains. Check out this piece shared by Mayur Ghiya on his experience of having some junk reading session that gave him a soothing peace.

by Mayur Ghiya

July 16, 2020

A to Z of a product recommendation engine every eCommerce owner should know - Featured Image

Did you know that almost 30 percent of eCommerce sales are taken care of by the product recommendation engine of the stores? Check out how.

by Mehul Kumar

July 10, 2020

Six things no one tells you about eCommerce product customization- Featured-Image

A significant increase in the number of ecommerce product customization has things that no one tells you about. Check it out.


Healthy positions in yoga is one of the primary responsibilities one should take care of is you are working from home. Check this out.

by Sourabh Tejawat

June 25, 2020

How to keep the company information secure when working remotely- Featured Image - Sarvika Technologies blog

Check out how to keep your company information secure by following all the required protocols for data security, code security, and more.

by Aviral Chitkara

June 19, 2020

A guide to establishing your online custom product design business.

Find out how to setup your online custom product design business, from product to business strategy development, and how to manage it.

by Mehul Kumar

June 12, 2020

How I became a ui/ux designer Mohit Bairwa PeopleOfSarvika

Check out how one of our creative designers decided to build his career as a UI/UX designer while pursuing his B.Tech education.

by Mohit Bairwa

June 4, 2020


The eCommerce market is made up of all types of businesses. Migrating the eCommerce website is an important factor for its continuous growth.

by Aniket Batwal

May 28, 2020

How system upgrades contribute to business growth.

For companies that are into IT services, hardware, and software upgrades play a crucial role in improving the quality of deliveries.

by Aviral Chitkara

May 21, 2020

Go - from ideas to production

Check this blog on Go - from ideas to production where you can write a simple "quote service" that gives a random quote from a local source.

by Jay

May 14, 2020

Jyotsana Rankawat My Quarantine Life in the States.

My current post quarantine life, as compared to the previous visits, has changed completely like it has for everyone back home. Check it out.

by Jyotsana

May 8, 2020


In this time of the pandemc it is very essential to plan for capitalizing the post-pandemic economy which will be scaling in the IT Industry.

by Aviral Chitkara

April 30, 2020

Checklist to reduce your eCommerce website’s bounce rate

In an eCommerce, bounce rates not only impact the revenue, but a higher rate is an indication for search engines pushes it’s rank down.

by Aniket Batwal

April 24, 2020

Business Analysis A roller-coaster ride to having happy clients blog featured image

Business Analysis is a roller-coaster ride to having happy clients. Check out the various KPIs/responsibilities of a BA to-achieve time-line.

by Harish Ramchandani

April 17, 2020

How AI and IoT are influencing the eCommerce industry - Featured Image

AI and IOT in eCommerce are changing the way people shop online. Check out How AI and IoT are influencing the eCommerce industry.

by Mehul Kumar

April 10, 2020

Product Customization Six reasons why your online store needs a feature upgrade

Product Customization altering a product's design as per the customers' needs. Check out why your online store needs a feature upgrade.

by Aniket Batwal

April 3, 2020

Why India Inc is reluctant to give you work from home

During work from home, it is the moral responsibility of employees to not take undue advantage of this opportunity.

by Mayur Ghiya

March 19, 2020

Productive remote working tips to beat the odds of a pandemic

Check out these productive remote working tips to keep yourself and your team's productivity and moral high.

by Aviral Chitkara

March 23, 2020

10 shocking design facts that you don’t want to miss out in 2020 - Featured image

Check out these shocking design facts that you need to know if you are into web/graphics or UI/UX design.

by Mohit Bairwa

March 13, 2020

Women Leaders in Power - Seven leaders that are breaking stereotypes and leaving an impact women in tech

On this Women’s Day, we’re saluting the leadership spirit of seven women in tech who’ve left a deep impact on the IT industry.

by Jyotsana

March 6, 2020

Business Continuity Plan Your Zeus’ Thunderbolt Featured Image

Check out the business continuity plan outlines procedures and instructions that an organization must follow in the face of any disaster.

by Aviral Chitkara

March 4, 2020

Can eCommerce deliveries infect you with Coronavirus Featured Image

With news of people abandoning Chinese cuisine due to coronavirus. Please stop believing in hearsays about deliveries infect with coronavirus.

by Aviral Chitkara

February 20, 2020

What can online gift cards do for your business Featured image2

Online gift cards can help you have both, customer loyalty along with better visibility. Check out what can gift cards do for your business.

by Jyotsana

February 14, 2020

Are you a prisoner to your Smartphone Featured Image

Are you a prisoner to your Smartphone? The use of a cell phone during working hours is hazardous for good office culture and manners.

by Mayur Ghiya

February 6, 2020


Punchout process helps a buyer make purchases from a vendor within buyer’s own procurement application or hosted e-procurement system.

by Aviral Chitkara

January 30, 2020

Adopting sustainable eCommerce practices is necessary for your business!

There are a lots of ways in which a sustainable eCommerce practice can lower its environmental impact. Check out the importance of these practices.

by Jyotsana

January 24, 2020

Decoding the existence of UI/UX wireframing

UI/UX Wireframing is the early step of design process when the structure of the requirement is being formed. Check out its importance here.

by Rohit Nayak

January 17, 2020

It is not Jay, it’s RealBuckSavage | #PeopleOfSarvika

Jay is a Software Engineer and Architect at Sarvika Technologies, who fell in love with coding while developing mods for online games.

by Jay

January 10, 2020

Fun FRI-YAY at Sarvika Technologies

From fun fri-yay birthday celebrations and employee engagement activities, we believe in the policy of 'employee first'.

by Mayur Ghiya

January 3, 2020

Sarvika Technologies is more than just a software development company

Your workspace is home away from home so we kick-started Workspace Awards to encourage all team members to add life to their workstations.

by Mayur Ghiya

December 16, 2019

8 Easy Techniques to Build an Email List for Your eStore

Email marketing is a high-impact of delivering your message. Check out the most effective and creative ways to build an email list.

by Jyotsana

January 2, 2020

Importance of Minimalism in UI Design

Minimalism in UI design is a user-friendly trend that helps users to see core elements of the interface and makes user journey purposeful.

by Mohit Bairwa

December 26, 2019

Build a scalable web application in Go – Part 2

Go applications are easy to understand and write and the code compiles fast. Check out how to easily build a scalable web application in Go.

by Jay

December 18, 2019

Is Flutter Really the Answer to Common App Development Issues?

Flutter is a mobile app software development kit (SDK) developed by Google to build cross-platform applications. Click here to learn more.

by Jyotsana

December 12, 2019

Why does your e-Store Need Product Content Syndication

Product content syndication is critical for building your eCommerce brand online with your retailers. Check out the benefits of the syndication.

by Aviral Chitkara

December 3, 2019

Coloring, Quiz, Delish Snacks, and a Lot of Friendly Chit-Chat at Non-Work Open House

On the Friday of 22nd November 2019, we organized the first-ever Non-Work Open House at Sarvika Technologies to keep employees cheerful and be acquainted with what’s in their minds.

by Mayur Ghiya

November 29, 2019

Santanu Das: The Database Wizard | #PeopleOfSarvika

Santanu Das aka Database Administrator at Sarvika Technologies who believe this generation has the power to effortlessly adapt and learn new technology.

by Sarvika Technologies

November 28, 2019

Easily Build a Scalable Web Application in Go

Go applications are easy to understand and write and the code compiles fast. Check out how to easily build a scalable web application in Go.

by Jay

November 21, 2019

Prioritize Project Tasks Using the MoSCoW Technique

MoSCoW is a task prioritization technique that helps project managers and software development teams divide tasks under different categories.

by Jyotsana

November 14, 2019

A Brief Peek in the World of Kanban

Kanban is a method of software development where you improve delivery of your products and services by improving flow and reducing cycle time.

by Jyotsana

November 6, 2019

The New Kid On The Block- Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps or PWA is being considered as the next-generation mobile computing solution. Check out more about PWA here.

by Jyotsana

October 29, 2019

Breaking Down The Scrum | Everything You Should Know

Scrum is an agile framework in which a product is developed and delivered in phases and it is one of the most critical backbone of SDLC.

by Jyotsana

October 21, 2019

From Finance to IT My Unconventional Journey as a Writer

From Finance to IT: My Unconventional Journey as a Writer - PeopleOfSarvika

by Mayur Ghiya

October 15, 2019

6 Essential Reasons for Showcasing Ratings and Reviews in an eCommerce

Showcasing customer ratings and reviews in the eCommerce industry is a commonly opted technique to build confidence, check out why!

by Mayur Ghiya

October 11, 2019

The Age of Agile Software Development

To tackle with your development failures, check out the complete concept of the Agile Methodology or Agile Software Development process.

by Aniket Batwal

September 26, 2019

Five Software Development Outsourcing Trends Shaping the Future

To keep your business afloat and succeed, you should keep a check on these influencing software development outsourcing trends.

by Jyotsana

September 19, 2019

Offshore Software Development Based on Business Model

These are the three offshore software development business models based on business requirements. Broadly, these are categorized as follows:

by Aviral Chitkara

September 4, 2019

Offshore Engagement Models Based on Degree of Software Outsourcing

Software development outsourcing is massively popular with companies in developed countries.

by Aviral Chitkara

August 16, 2019

9 Organizational Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing

What comes to mind on hearing Software Development Outsourcing? A team independent of the organization

by Aviral Chitkara

August 9, 2019

We Implement Rules Through Pranks

Human beings and rules always had a love-hate relationship because we intentionally do something when we are specifically asked not to.

by Jyotsana

July 17, 2019

10 Reasons Why SaaS Ecommerce Platform is Right for Your Business” is locked 10 Reasons Why SaaS Ecommerce Platform is Right for Your Business

Nowadays, SaaS Ecommerce platforms have become super popular and have increased usage.

by Jyotsana

March 11, 2019

Guideline to creating issues and using the issue tracking system

It’s a normal day and you’re venturing through an online store. Suddenly, a wild bug appears!

by Jay

March 11, 2019

5 Social Marketing Tools You Must use if you own an Ecommerce Business

No one can imagine their Ecommerce business without social media marketing. Where Facebook ads are getting more

by Jyotsana

March 11, 2019

Rising Trends in B2B E-commerce

Now, when the once-fancy term e-commerce is a household things, we would like to talk about B2B e-commerce industry.

by Jyotsana

March 11, 2019

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