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MoSCoW is a task prioritization technique that helps project managers and software development teams divide tasks under different categories.


Kanban is a method of software development where you improve delivery of your products and services by improving flow and reducing cycle time.


Progressive Web Apps or PWA is being considered as the next-generation mobile computing solution. Check out more about PWA here.


Scrum is an agile framework in which a product is developed and delivered in phases and it is one of the most critical backbone of SDLC.

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From Finance to IT: My Unconventional Journey as a Writer - PeopleOfSarvika

6-Essential-Reasons-for-Showcasing-Ratings-and-Reviews-in-eCommerce-Business (1)

Showcasing customer ratings and reviews in the eCommerce industry is a commonly opted technique to build confidence, check out why!


To tackle with your development failures, check out the complete concept of the Agile Methodology or Agile Software Development process.


To keep your business afloat and succeed, you should keep a check on these influencing software development outsourcing trends.


These are the three offshore software development business models based on business requirements. Broadly, these are categorized as follows:


Software development outsourcing is massively popular with companies in developed countries.


What comes to mind on hearing Software Development Outsourcing? A team independent of the organization

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Human beings and rules always had a love-hate relationship because we intentionally do something when we are specifically asked not to.


Beyond basics, what do designers and programmers need is, an engine that simplifies the creation of textual content


Nowadays, SaaS Ecommerce platforms have become super popular and have increased usage.

It’s a normal day and you’re venturing through an online store. Suddenly, a wild bug appears!


No one can imagine their Ecommerce business without social media marketing. Where Facebook ads are getting more


Now, when the once-fancy term e-commerce is a household things, we would like to talk about B2B e-commerce industry.

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