A lot has changed for us since the last foundation day. We moved to a newer and bigger workspace, onboarded senior resources to mentor various verticals, launched projects on Clowre and signed new clients. In short, it was an action-packed year for each Sarvikan. Yes, we faced and overcame multiple roadblocks, but hey, what's a journey without a few challenges, right?

We would like to take this opportunity and thank our stakeholders, who have kept us afloat and flourishing through all the good and the worse. It would not have been possible without you. Eight years down, forever to go!

Wonders Unit Testing does to your SDLC

Every day is different when you are part of an agile development team. New issues and bugs popping up for devs to tackle, daily scrums to discuss and resolve challenges, never-ending efforts towards launching new features and fixes; an exciting and fulfilling ride for the team. However, Sourabh, Web Development Lead, opines that finding and resolving code bugs in the early stages of SDLC deliver impressive results. He is an ardent supporter of developer's unit testing and is here to convince you for the same. Read more.

We are super stoked to announce the launch of the second edition of Inside SARVIKA. The journal enlightens you with everything going behind the closed door at Sarvika Technologies and also explores workplace issues that must be addressed.

The second edition highlights our efforts toward reducing the gender gap ratio at the workplace and making more women a part of the leadership. Download your copy of Inside SARVIKA using this link.

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