Something thrilling is on the horizon.

After years of diligent hard work, countless scrums, and an infinite number of calls - the team Sarvika is moving onto the next stage, rolling closer to its goal of becoming the most ingenious IT consultant in the world. We can't unveil the details just yet, but we can say: circle the month of December. You would not want to miss this announcement. It's going to be EPIC!

Should you migrate legacy applications to microservices architecture?

Microservices, microservices, microservices. From online forums to office zoom meetings, online service providers are chanting the term like a mantra. Still, many haven't tried finding out whether microservices architecture is suitable for their organization? Our business operations manager, Aviral Chitkara, sought out on an internet journey to evaluate the business benefits of microservices and to find should companies migrate their legacy systems or not? Here is the result.

Mental peace, togetherness, and hope. The new Diwali.

Hope for a COVID vaccine. Hope for a peaceful world. Hope for a greener and cleaner environment. Our existence is solely based on the four-letter word -- HOPE, and the present scenario has made it clearer than ever. This Diwali, the entire Sarvika clan wishes you mental peace and the togetherness of your friends and family during these trying times. We request you to stay home, to stay safe, and to be always happy.

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