Out of countless events we host over the year, StackHack2.0 is one of the biggest and the most sought after. Why, you ask? The challenges are big and the prizes even bigger. Stack Hack is an annual affair that gives Sarvikans a space to experiment and create applications and framework ideas that are ahead of their time. The outcomes not only help us further improve internal processes but also build better solutions for you, our clients. We recently concluded Stack Hack 2021 on 25 Aug; all the entries are with an independent panel of judges for evaluation. The results are due. Meanwhile, here are some images from the event for you to enjoy.

From Stack Overflow to Statista, surveys by these forum and research giants have found ReactJS to be a developer community favorite. This open-source frontend JavaScript library has powerful backing from developers who are continuously improving and helping millions of members deploy this tech in their projects. It is just one of many more reasons ReactJS is leading the frontend technology sphere. Here's Sourabh, Lead of Web Development, with eight reasons ReactJS is perfect for your frontend development project. Read more.

Remote collaboration is the present and the future.

But still it has many technical challenges to overcome.

When Harish, Senior Technical Analyst, started his professional journey more than a decade and a half ago, the concept of working off-premises was alien to many. Over time -- globalization, the dot-com boom, and the pandemic, almost every office in any part of the world has embraced the distributed and remote work culture. However, to date, irrespective of technological advancements, some snags and issues cannot be averted by any technology. And Harish is here to highlight challenges that distributed teams are facing at the moment. Read more.


With chances of COVID-19 becoming an endemic; what policy should companies adopt?

01. Hybrid Working

02. Complete WFH

03. Back to Office


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