Micro frontends are an architectural approach that is becoming a rage in front-end development due to its ability to break large front ends into small and manageable pieces. In this blog by Dushyant, get to know about the problem areas we faced earlier with one UI-for-all concept that motivated us to move towards a less scary way of managing our frontends. PS: this is a catch for React developers. Read here.

Incorporating physical activity into your daily routine can play a big role in keeping your body in shape and actively supporting your mental health. Even after too much information available about the importance of fitness, there are still many who live a sedentary lifestyle. In this blog, we interviewed some of our fitness guru Sarvikans who shared their favorite ways to work out and how it contributes to their mental health and work performance. Read here.

Software and digital transformations through modular apps have been widely accepted globally for creating scalable, yet sellable business applications. The massive popularity of microservices has motivated the architects to switch to transforming the applications from what they used to be. However, it becomes fundamental to check out all the facets that need consideration before switching entirely from the monolithic apps or integrating microservices slowly in your monoliths. Read this blog by Aviral, our Business operations manager, where he is sharing the needs of the market and how this mammoth of monolith data and info can be handled by microservices.


As per your opinion, Which form of physical activity is your favorite with your colleagues?

01. Monthly Trek Events

02. Corporate sports leagues (inter-company)

03. Monthly sports events (intra-company)


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In the previous month, we asked about the opinion of individuals about their goals behind becoming financially literate? So, here are the results we have got in the form of responses in which most of the people have the same view.

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