Promoting financial literacy among Sarvikans

For the very first time, we had an expert speaker at our headquarters to raise awareness and knowledge regarding financial management in our team members. The session was quite productive with Sarvikans soaking the information shared by finance experts, followed by a Q&A session on topics like investments, tax-saving avenues, and more.

Is your business future proof?

You take life insurance policies to secure your and loved one’s future from uncertainties; same way, business continuity plans help your venture stay true to the principle of perpetuity. Our business manager Aviral Chitkara shares why companies can’t afford to operate without proper plans in place. Read more.

Our initiatives to help make Earth a better place

Talking and raising awareness about sustainable business practices is only a job half done. The true positive effect comes to light when entrepreneurs take steps within their organizations and adopt eco-friendly practices in any manner possible. We, at Sarvika Technologies, have implemented techniques to minimize our carbon footprint and have also laid out plans to reduce it further. Have a look.

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