In their two to four decades-long existence, none of the Sarvikans have experienced anything remotely resembling the current scenario. Read their quarantine experiences shared below.

Abhishek Singh

Business Analyst

I don't know why but this does time remind me of Will Smith's movie 'I Am Legend'. It feels like an apocalypse. I know that I am being overdramatic, but some drama is the only way to live through these times.

Ajay Garg

Lead Quality Analyst

Staying at home is not easy, but necessary for the moment. I can't tell you how much I miss the office space, the people, and most of all, our lunchtime. I just hope this phase passes soon.

Anmol Sharma

Sr. Graphic Designer

I am stuck, away from my parents. Right now, I miss them and my home the most. But I am confident this phase will pass, and my only duty right now is to stay home and help the government flatten the curve.

Dushyant Sharma

Sr. Web Developer

The quarantine phase has taught me the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is easy to become lazy like a sloth (sizewise literally) when you have no other options than to remain indoors.

Mohammad Idris

Sr. Web Designer

Being locked inside the home can drive you crazy. I am making the most of it by watching my favorite cartoon, Shinchan. Trust me, his quirks make me laugh like crazy and relieve me from all the stress.

Pooja Swami

eCommerce Specialist

I wish I had Aladdin's Magic Lamp. I would've asked the Genie to make this pandemic go away and bring everything back to normal. On second thoughts, maybe not. What is a life without getting such experiences, right?

Saumya Agarwal

Lead Business Analyst

Cooking is no fun, especially when I want to eat some cafe-like food at home. The routine is so boring nowadays: wakeup, work, eat, sleep, and repeat. Let us hope mankind takes this time to learn from mistakes and not commit them again.

Surbhi Nirwan

eCommerce Specialist

Please someone get me Doraemon's Anywhere Door. I am tired of sitting at home, and want to meet my extended family, friends, and visit the office. One thing this quarantine taught me is that working from home is not easy. It's my first!

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