Are you learning to write epics and user stories? Read this.

With software development companies massively adopting agile methodologies, the need for writing flawless epics and user stories was never more crucial than before. Nalin, a Business Analyst at Sarvika Tech, is here with a super informative article on how to write epics and user stories, points to remember, and more. A highly recommended article for people wanting to learn the art of writing business requirements.

No API = No Smartphones

No API = No Software

It will not be wrong to say that without Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), the smartphones of today are simply useless. You order food online; API helps the app deliver food to your doorstep. You book an airline ticket using aggregators to pick the best deal; API communicates with hundreds of ticket booking websites to fetch the required information. Aakarshan, Senior QA at Sarvika Tech, is here to tell you all about API basics that every IT business owner should know. Click to learn more.

It is all about caring for your people.


As the world knows of India slowly emerging from the COVID second wave, the team Sarvika went to complete WFH from the month of April. More than the disease itself, panic and anxiety over the situation leads to mental stress. Few words of support and encouragement can bring a positive change. We recently delivered a small surprise for the Sarvikans at their homes; to assure them that we are always by their side. Such small acts of kindness bring positive changes, and being kind is cool. J

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