Long hours of sitting and bare minimum physical activity are the common reasons behind increasing fatigue and stress levels in employees. We decided to take the matter into our hands and asked the Sarvikans to put on their dancing shoes! Prashant, a certified Zumba trainer and dance instructor, visited our campus and took an hour-long session that included deep breathing exercises, laughter therapy, tips on leading an active lifestyle, and of course, the much-needed dance session. The event was fun, athletic, and mentally stimulating.

Are you confused between on-premises

and cloud-infra for your organization?

Some say cloud-infra is and will always be the future; some say offline infra provides the ultimate ownership and security. The problem is -- from what perspective should you think? The answer lies in the question, perspective. It all depends on the list of features that match your infrastructure requirements. The blog by Jyotsana sketches five key points that will help you decide the type of infrastructure that works best for your organization. Read here.

Your employees might be worried

about keeping up with the change.

Employees these days are under mental pressure that has nothing to do with work hours or bad culture. Change and keeping up with it -- are two reasons that make them feel insecure about their current position. At Sarvika Tech, we have introduced policies that help the Sarvikans stay up to date with the current advancements while going about their daily work. Read to know more about steps the companies and employees can and must take.

Last time we asked about your knowledge of the microservices architecture. The response was overwhelming. Here are the results.

A poll that concerns us all!

What's the most pressing concern on your mind?

  1. Job security.
  2. Skill building/enhancement.
  3. COVID pandemic.
  4. Slump in business.

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