Sarvika's Newsletter Oct 2020 Edition

The tech-world is going gaga over the microservice architecture. Here's why.

Microservices means breaking large software products into standalone, independent applications. It offers multiple benefits to the developers and the end-users. The microservice architecture allows different development teams to collaborate on a project, design multiple small applications in different languages, and thereby bring technological flexibility. On the other hand, it empowers the client to order a highly customized and scalable application in almost half the time and cost as compared to applications made on monolithic architecture.

We are soon launching a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to shift to microservices. Stay tuned to this space.

Creating an API with GraphQL, SpringBoot, and MySQL Database.

Our senior application developer Ramgopal tried his hands with GraphQL and recorded his experience in a blog to help you. The guide includes step-by-step instructions for creating an API using an advanced level query language in a few minutes. Click here to get started.

Nine principles to live by as a software developer.

Coding is not an easy task, especially when the present-day requirements are dynamic and complex than ever. Meet Aniket, a technical business analyst at Sarvika Technologies who, based on his experiences of working alongside various development teams, has prepared a list of nine principles that every software developer should live by. Read here.

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