Facing troubles in managing your

eCommerce store inventory? SKU is the solution.

Best-selling products running out of stock, petty theft from the warehouse; excess unsold stock taking up space, these are every online store owner's worst inventory nightmare. SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is the answer to your inventory management problems. It is a customizable code that is eight-digit or fourteen-character long and can be implemented by an eCommerce store of any size. Aniket Batwal, our Technical Business Analyst, is here to answer all your SKU queries via his blog. Read here.

You could be an escapist.

Are you aware of escapism? Do you know that unknowingly, you might be addicted to it? It must feel as if you are being accused of a misdeed. Mayur Ghiya, our inhouse writer, is here with his thoughts on how the COVID-pandemic might have made you an innocent victim of escapism. Read here.


The corona survival strategy for businesses.

The pandemic brought home the knowledge that times are unpredictable. Businesses that were booming a few months ago are either fighting to survive or have lost their existence. Outsourcing has emerged as a go-to strategy, which is helping industries ride this storm. Recent studies have shown that Marketing and IT are steadily becoming the most preferred, outsourced business function. Outsourcing offer companies the space to focus on growing business during troubled times, while a third-party expert comes onboard to handle non-core functions. Sarvika Technologies is one such proud organization offering companies of all sizes their reliable IT support. Click here to get in touch.

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