Technology is no longer considered nature's enemy. Scientists and researchers are heavily investing in AI and machine learning to overturn the destruction of nature over the last few decades. This 28th of July, on the World Nature Conservation Day, we're further pledging to become more nature friendly in our practices. The maximum operations at Sarvika Technologies are paperless, use of

plastic is banned and discouraged on the premises, less electricity and water consumption appliances are installed. Almost a hundred indoor-succulent plants are planted to help Sarvikans develop a green-thumb. More exciting activities like mass plantation drives are planned for the future. What are your plans for this Nature Conservation Day?

Secret ingredients of a thriving career

in testing revealed! #PeopleofSarvika

The term 'midlife crisis' might be a cliche but that doesn't mean it is not relevant anymore. The initial and final stages of every profession is exciting, but it is the middle part that is tough to sustain and calls for continuous and motivated efforts. Meet Ajay Garg, Lead Quality Analyst at Sarvika Technologies who shares how he converted the moments of midlife career crisis into opportunities by taking up new challenges and enhancing his technical expertise. Here are Ajay's secrets to a flourishing career.

Beware of the Fake Agile!

With the peer pressure of becoming agile on their heads, many companies are rushing and buying expensive project management tools and outlining a policy on paper and thinking of themselves as agile. However, they often forget the core idea of agile development practice i.e. agile is a mindset. No company can become truly agile unless there is a culture shift across all levels. Here's Aniket Batwal, Lead Business Analyst at Sarvika Technologies, to tell you more about fake agile and how to identify it. Read here.

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