It has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with an abundance of awe-inspiring women, whether they were our colleagues, business partners, or clients. Their unwavering support and contributions have been invaluable to our success, and we couldn't be more grateful. As we celebrate this significant day, we honour all the incredible women who make this world a better and beautiful place to live. Here's to you, ladies! Happy International Women's Day from Sarvika Tech! Cheers!

Sarvika Tech is all about putting people first, and we're thrilled to highlight one of our own who embodies that same value. In this #PeopleOfSarvika feature, get to know Sunil Chaudhary, Senior Database Administrator, who has covered a long distance in database administration and has played an integral role in our success from day one. Read here.

In terms of online business, an eCommerce platform serves as the ultimate growth contributor, making it a prominent aspect to evaluate and switch if it doesn't meet expectations. Read this blog, where we discussed the points giving clear signs of considering switching to another eCommerce platform.


Which can be the most effective step that organizations can take to increase women's involvement in the corporate world, in your opinion?

01. Encourage work/life balance

02. Better payout

03. Have more options for women

04. Recruiting women in leadership roles


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In the preceding month, we asked which digital marketing strategy should businesses adopt in 2023 and these are the responses we have received.

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