When it comes to small businesses or startups, the hunger for growth is paramount to boost operations and compete in the competitive industry. To safeguard the newly established businesses, it becomes essential to outsource the non-core aspects that allow you to concentrate on the areas you do best and keep the momentum as the market needs. Read this blog by Aviral Chitkara, Business Operations Head, about the values of outsourcing and how it contributes to startup growth in years to come.

A lot of the time, the software components that we develop need to communicate with each other, and gRPC helps us do that for Clowre™ and its components. This article tries to highlight what made gRPC an attractive tool to us and how we put its good use in all our services so far. Jay, the Software architect at Sarvika, will also tell you all about the challenges he faced and a few ideas to overcome those.


As an individual, what attracts you to stay or join a new company?

01. More Paid Leaves

02. Work-Life Balance

03. Employee Engagement Activities


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