Programming languages

to watch out for in 2021.

A quarter into 2021 and the IT industry is already touching new milestones. The industry stakeholders: employers and employees are adding new skills to their tech stack to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. But the question remains, which technologies and why? We asked the experts at Sarvika Tech who are leading different development verticals like backend, frontend, and mobile application to share details of technologies that will dominate the year 2021. Here are the results.

Are you starting your

career as a Business

Analyst? Read this.

The demand for Business Analysts has swelled exponentially; the reason is the massive wave of digital transformation. If you are about to enter the industry as a BA, then it is good to have knowledge on how things work for this profession in the daily grind. Aniket came up with a blog explaining the roles and responsibilities of BA in a tech company and a list of documents and jargon which every analyst should know. Read here.

Sarvika Tech knows only

talent and nothing else!

Jyotsana, Anjana, Kriti, and Rinku; these Sarvikans are steering four crucial business functions at Sarvika Tech. It fills us with immense pride and joy that we are making conscious efforts to practice what we preach: equality and diversity at the workplace. On the eve of International Women's Day 2021, we interviewed these stalwarts and got their views on topics of relevance. Want to read the interview? Click here.

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