As the year-end is just around the corner, we think it is the right time to take a pause and thank our people, clients, and stakeholders for their vital contributions to our growth!

One of the major highlights of 2021 was the booming launch of an enterprise-level education portal built on our in-house platform. And it all has been possible because of our team's dedication, creativity, and never-back-down attitude. ‘Tis the season of light and merriment; the Sarvika family wishes you and your family a fantabulous holiday season!


Meet our Web Development Lead, Sourabh Tejawat

What does it take to run a team smoothly and efficiently? Many will say skills, time management, leadership qualities, etc., we agree with all. However, we'd like to add one crucial element, a smile. Sourabh Tejawat has the most infectious smile, which lights up the atmosphere and makes everyone feel joyful. Featuring this time in #PeopleOfSarvika is the story of the leader of our web development bay. Read here.

After two years, thanks to the Covid induced restrictions and lockdowns, Sarvikans were able to enjoy a memorable evening together beyond the four walls of Sarvika Tech premises. Events like these solidify the culture-building efforts that we carefully nurture through our day-to-day activities at the workplace. The evening left each attendee with congenial moments to cherish forever.


What factors do you think are driving the Great Resignation?

01. Better Pay

02. Flexible Work Culture

03. Career Development

04. All of the above


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Which industries do you think have experienced massive digital transformation and scaling in recent times?

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