In this customer-centric market, businesses that mold themselves as per their customers - Wins. Every year throws a different set of challenges to business owners as new trends and innovations are introduced as per customers especially, Gen Z's, who don't mind switching for a better shopping experience. In terms of e-commerce platforms, new technologies will be part of operation strategies to retain customers and simplify their buying process. Jaswant, Technical Lead - Web Analyst, at Sarvika Technologies, has highlighted some of the e-commerce trends that will be the prime contributors in 2022 and further for phenomenal user (customer) experience. Know more.

Technology has touched and reshaped the education sector as its advancement has largely influenced students in their learning and development process. Immersive Learning, the new weapon from the arsenal of tools of EdTech, is a digital approach utilized for boosting students' retention capacity through all possible senses involvement. Read further about this innovation through Aniket's blog, explaining the nitty-gritty of Immersive Learning and much more.

Learn how online businesses are coming up with

innovative ways to boost their conversion rate.

Getting visitors to the website but not seeing them converted as customers feels bad, like really bad for an e-commerce business owner. If you are too sailing in the same boat. there is a solid need to increase the conversion rate that can turn the crowd into paying customers and also save your large chunk of money. We have outlined some of the best e-commerce conversion rate boosting tips that will surely help in persuading your users to take action and grow your business revenue. Read here.


Which factor do you think is contributing to the mass adoption of EdTech by institutions across the world.

01. Personalization

02. Feature-rich online platform

03. Economical Solution

04. Interactive teaching experience


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