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Features that every EdTech

application should have.

Online education is the fastest-growing industry in the world. Just like food, water, and shelter, education is a need and a human right. To ensure students' safety and proper education development, schools and universities are taking the online route by commissioning super-customized and well-designed EdTech applications. Here is Aniket, Lead Business Analyst, shedding light on common-and-crucial features every education application should have. Read here.

The spirit of every festival is the same all over - love, happiness, and togetherness. Diwali, or Deepawali, is the festival of lights, which translates into the victory of light over darkness. But we feel you must have wondered how people celebrate this day. Let us give you a brief overview. On Diwali, Sarvikans spend time with families and visit relatives bearing gifts. They beautify their homes with fairytale lights and earthen oil lamps, cook up a feast, and enjoy a vibrant display of eco-friendly fireworks during the night. That's not it - Sarvikans also enjoy pre-Diwali festivities at the office with colleagues.


Which industries do you think have experienced massive digital transformation and scaling in recent times?

01. Education

02. Financial

03. Healthcare

04. Art/Entertainment


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