IT professionals are enjoying great monetary benefits in the market because of its continuous acceleration and fast-growing needs around automation of every business process. But still, even after getting the best of the best lucrative paychecks, many of them get stuck in economic roadblocks due to financial illiteracy. Read this blog by Gajendra, heading accounts at Sarvika Technologies, addressing mistakes committed by IT professionals leading to financial difficulties.

Enough has been said about Gender Equality and why organizations need to adopt practices directed toward women's best interest in the mind. But sadly, even after so much discussion regarding women empowerment, there are instances where many companies have failed in creating a true women-friendly work environment that allows women to grow and thrive just the way they are. Our client solutions manager, Jyotsana, is here to discuss how we are making a difference in creating a women-friendly organization that believes in a show-not-tell philosophy. Read more.


As per your opinion, what should be the goal behind becoming financially literate?

01. Gaining financial knowledge

02. Making informed financial decisions

03. Saving money

04. Getting out of debt


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In the previous month, we asked about the metrics which individuals mainly consider while joining an organization. So, here are the responses we got.

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