Why Does Your eStore Need Content Syndication?

How much importance do you give to the product description while making a purchase? It is customary for buyers to read the product description, and it also helps in determining the web page rank. But, it is not practically possible for you to manually update the product content at all end terminals. That’s where the power of Product Content Syndication comes to the aid.


Team Sarvika Tried Hands-On Go Language and The Experience Was Crazy!

Our Lead Software Engineer, whose alias is RealBuckSavage, is a sincere gamer and loves developing game mods. During one of his late night code-a-thon, he discovered the unbeatable benefits of introducing Go language into the system. He found that Go is easy to write and understand, executes extremely fast, and gets coders to do what they are supposed to do, that is CODE. It improves productivity massively.

Want to learn how you can build quick and scalable web applications in Go?


First-Ever Workspace Awards 2019 at Sarvika Technologies | #LifeatSarvika

We recently crossed the golden mark of 50 team members, and the timing of introducing the first-ever Sarvika Workspace Awards couldn’t have been more perfect. All the Sarvikans had to compete at the individual and team level by decorating their personal and group space in a way it describes their personality and job role. The submissions have been made to the judges and results are awaited. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the amazing efforts of the Sarvikans.

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