It's our nature to look back and appreciate the days-gone-by when we are moving onto a new phase in life. In our seven years long existence, we met some of the most brilliant minds with golden hearts; while many are still with us, a few parted ways, but we cherish the times spent together. This Christmas and New Year 2021, the team Sarvika Technologies prays that dear almighty blesses you and your family with great health, an abundance of happiness, and affection from family and friends.

Our new address.


We take immense pride in announcing that Sarvika Technologies has moved its operations to a bigger, swankier, and super-cool office space. The credit goes to you - our team, clients, and well-wishers - for anchoring us with your unwavering support. Here's a sneak-peek into the brave, new world of Sarvika Technologies.

Seven reasons to avoid microservices architecture.

You must've been given 101 reasons to bring the loosely-coupled-applications AKA Microservices architecture within your organization. You better mark today's date, as we're about to do the exact opposite. Aviral Chitkara, our agile-loving business manager, is here with seven reasons you should keep the microservices architecture tens of feet away from your development style. Read here.

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