Synonymous are words -- hustle and multitasking -- when one talks about the work environment and culture today. Everyone is used to doing multiple things at the same time that focusing on one task is a far-fetched reality. Lost productivity and piling up task-list are the result.

Mindful meditation allows the individual to calm down racing thoughts, let go of negative energy and live in the moment. Studies have shown that individuals who meditate regularly for few minutes are more productive, focused and cheerful. This World Mental Health Day, let us put conscious efforts towards taking care of our mental health and aid in spreading awareness.

Design fundamentals of data collection forms that you should never overlook

Mohit, UI/UX Designer, feels that designing data collection forms that bring home results is easy. The only condition is checking off every item from the design fundamentals list -- using labels, indicating the current state of data fields, clear error messages, etc. Click here to access the complete list!

MVP, MLP, and MUP - Simplified for you

Of countless business development models, Most Viable Product aka MVP echoes the most in software development galleries. However, a dynamic business environment is pushing product owners and managers to come up with innovative ways of building a software product. The up-and-coming entrants are Most Lovable Product aka MLP and Most Usable Product aka MUP. Here’s Jyotsana, Client Solutions Manager, to tell you what each model is about and the difference between them. Read here.


Which form of mental health assistance should organizations like Sarvika Technologies provide to their colleagues?

01. Virtual counselling with a therapist.

02. Mental health therapy app subscription.

03. In-house session with mental health expert.


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With chances of COVID-19 becoming an endemic; what policy should companies adopt?

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