Welcoming 2021 & Bidding Adieu to 2020

the Sarvika way! | #LifeAtSarvika

Work hard, party harder; that is how Sarvikans like to roll. The last week of 2020 called for special efforts to close the year which gave us many reasons to remember (and might we add, to celebrate). With many team building sessions, open interactions, exchange of ideas, it was a weekend worth cherishing. Read how we said goodbye to 2020 in our unique way.

Anjana Jhajhria, our UX/UI magician.


A woman from a small town, undergoing a midlife career change and starting from scratch. For many, it's a recipe for disaster, but for Anjana Jhajhria giving up was never an option. Our debonair UX/UI lead did not let any reason or excuse come between her goals. Her story gives birth to motivation and a sense of hope that no matter the circumstances, determination and perseverance will take you to new heights. Read more.

A shout out to the year filled with countless lessons

and many NEWs. #Rewind2020

NEW office. NEW additions to the team. NEW upgrades to the tech stack. And a NEW way of working. 2020 challenged us to move past our comfort zones and explore the world of technology with a new perspective. Here's a throwback to the times gone by!

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