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The last few days of December were all about witnessing the undiscovered talents of our in-house committees before bidding a final goodbye to 2022. Unlike most of the year, our calendars get filled with many activities like Musical Evening, Cricket Tournament, Zumba, and Fun games, to name a few. It was undoubtedly a blissful ending to the year 2022, making it a ‘December to Remember’.

This feature of Sarvika Tech focused on Dushyant, Technical lead of Frontend technologies. His story is a morale booster for many budding youngsters advancing towards making a career in the stream of technology. Read the story of this Senior Web Developer from the start who has witnessed massive career transformation in his journey of two years with us.


What is the most important thing required to run a successful business?

01. Good Product Idea

02. Sound Business Plan

03. Adequate Capital

04. Sound Management


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In the preceding month, we asked what social media networks can drive the most leads and engagement for eCommerce businesses and these are the responses we received.

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