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Frontend architect at Sarvika

How Dushyant got into technology and became a Frontend architect at Sarvika

December 28, 2022 12:25 pm | by Sarvika Technologies | Posted in Life At Sarvika

Hello! Welcome to another edition of the People of Sarvika series. Here, we don’t talk about technologies, market trends, or business practices like we usually do in our blogs. This medium is reserved for the people who have created milestones for us and them together as one unit. This time, the spotlights are on one of Sarvika Tech’s smartest, Dushyant Sharma –The technical lead of frontend technologies. He is currently spearheading the React.js team and is someone who can guide you better than those fancy travel bloggers if you are planning a trip to the Himalayas.

Read further about Dushyant in the blog, where he talked about himself beyond his designation. 

In conversation with Dushyant.

  • What’s your route to joining Sarvika Tech?

It’s been more than two years since I have been part of this organization. Hard to believe that more than 700 days have passed. Time has gone much faster than I imagined. I am leading one of the frontend technologies team of four who are deployed on various projects. Before coming here, I worked for about five years where I worked in various subordinate positions, or you can say, worked under the shadows of my seniors.

For someone in his 20s, I had that in-built enthusiasm to try and explore different things and do as many experiments as possible with my career. Over there, I realized that my tasks were getting monotonous and there was no scope of growth anymore. I started to explore opportunities that can let me work on different technologies and advancements. Luckily, one of my classmates and friends in college, Pramod, told me about Sarvika Technologies, where they were looking to build a team from square one, and I thought this is the moment that I wanted to be in my favor.

I applied and after a usual long course of Sarvika’s selection process, I joined the company and have been fun at work since then.

  • You previously worked under the guidance of seniors. How difficult and different it turned out to be for the person who has to build everything from scratch.

There is no scope of doubt that I made a big bet on myself, but it was also the chance to move ahead at a faster pace in my career. It sure is true that in my technology i.e. React.js and related stack, I had no one to guide me but it is untrue that I had no one to guide me at all in Sarvika.

From my first week, I got oriented by my managers about the business practices we follow, the people I can go to if I am stuck with any issue, and other technical aspects that helped me in the initial days. Development is only one aspect that we follow here. We analyze, design, test and deploy in order to deliver a perfect system. It’s great to witness a culture where you are given an open ground to tackle all the business problems and use your intelligent logics to solve them without resistance.

  • Seems like you always wanted to get into IT. Did your fascination start from your school days?

I don’t know if someone believes it or not, but joining the IT sector wasn’t the first thing I wanted to pursue in my life. I tried my hardest to get into Indian Army Services and prepared for it after my graduation. After the series of many failed attempts, it was time to rethink other career options where I had only two choices – Go for Financial Services Sector as I have a Master’s degree in Finance or a career in technology on the basis of my Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communications. I chose the latter, and never looked back. I gave my best shot to learn everything that I could to refine my skills.

  • What is the difference between Dushyant Sharma then and now?

A lot has changed in these two years, and it seems simply magical. Starting in a new company where you need to learn and unlearn many things to be more productive was a challenge, and I have accepted it completely. I am leading a frontend technologies team, where I have been surrounded by some amazing colleagues who work under my supervision. I not only have to plan for them but for the application I am working on for its future architecture in frontend. The transition is enthralling since I got here, and something I always wanted to achieve in my life. This year, specifically, has been a rollercoaster where I built micro frontends and brought in a transition in the way we build frontend applications.

  • Talking about your evolution as a Team leader, what have you learned about leadership at Sarvika tech?

One of the things I liked here is the open work culture where policies and rules are designed for individuals and organization in tandem. It makes it a place where everyone loves to come to the office. Everyone supporting their colleagues, and improving everyday for one common goal i.e. success of the company is something that has helped me grow as an individual also. If you talk about leadership, there is always a bigger mountain in front of you when you think you have climbed the highest one. I believe I am still learning a lot when it comes to leadership because here, you need to manage people who, unlike mathematics, don’t go as per set rules. I have come across many young individuals who bring different energy levels, work ethics, and capabilities, and I need to shift my leading style to get the best out of them.

  • Who is Dushyant Sharma before and after a day at the office?

I have been an avid reader and follower of historical books, fantasy novels, and war stories. I have a mini library of my own where I spend a good amount of time every day. Apart from that, almost everyone at Sarvika Tech knows about my passion for traveling, especially the mountains. In the last five years, I have traveled to some of the most beautiful locations across India and explored the beauty of nature. I am almost in love with the Himalayas and pretty much planning a road trip all the time.

  • If you have to share any tips with your younger self or with aspiring Developers, What would it be?

As a person who has personally interviewed so many young frontend technology developers, I have come across many candidates who are solely dependent upon employers for their learning. It’s a strict no-no. My perspective is that a person should be a self-starter who is never dependent on anyone else for learning, working or growing. The only mantra to achieve success in the world of technology is to be better and smarter than you were yesterday. 

Written by Sarvika Technologies

Sarvika Tech is a team of young, energetic, and technology-loving people on the journey to help companies achieve their goals by supporting their IT needs. In a nutshell, we are a people’s company where the priority is their knowledge enhancement and career development. We believe that focusing on our most important asset, the team, will enable us to push boundaries and deliver ingenious IT solutions.

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