Providing education to students isn't the only task of an Educational Institution. From maintaining attendance and student performance records to keeping track of all activities, many aspects need sincere attention for smooth performance. For this, there is a genuine need for an efficient EdTech system to handle academic and administrative operations and simplify processes. Here is Aviral, heading Operations at Sarvika Technologies, highlighting the areas and features of the decoupled and containerized Edtech System that are not too common in the market. Read here.

The first person that believes in your idea is always special. Being a people-centric organization, we have always believed in promoting individuals responsible for what we are today. In this edition of the #PeopleofSarvika series, we feature Ramgopal Lamrod, Tech Lead, sharing his journey as the front seat spectator in witnessing his and the organization's growth from the very first day. Read the complete article.

What does it take to create

a team that resonates with your vision?

Team building has been and will always remain one of the crucial factors responsible for taking the organization to the pinnacle of success. Despite knowing its importance, most entrepreneurs struggle in developing an atmosphere of teambuilding in their organization. Read our blog in which we are sharing our own tried and tested ways of creating a spirit of teamwork among Sarvikans and our contributions to their wellbeing. Read here.


What is the most important metric while joining an organization?

01. Workplace culture

02. Salary

03. Opportunity to learn more

04. Work-Life balance


Last Poll Result

In our last poll, we asked you about the factor mainly responsible for the mass adoption of EdTech by institutions across the world. Here are the results.

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