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Student Management System: Managing Anything & Everything For Your Institution

February 9, 2022 6:15 pm | by Aviral Chitkara | Posted in Tech

Not only schools but with these points-to-ponder, you can manage your school district too.

Whether your designation specifies you as a registrar, administration personnel, principal, or teacher, your involvement with the educational institution brings plenty of tasks other than nurturing the young chaps and taking care of their holistic development. One such task permanently assigned to your to-do list is the collection and management of data such as attendance, performance records, academic information, enrollments, etc. There is no denying the fact that when any education institution grows in size, the operations get complex and time-consuming resulting in more manpower and expenses. In the era of digitalization, many educational institutions have started incorporating digital platforms in solving their complex administrative and academic tasks and scaled their operations in length and breadth.


What should an EdTech system do for your school?


It is a platform designed for educational institutions for managing a wide range of academic and administrative tasks. Why just one school/institution, a multi-tenant EdTech platform should have the features to manage a group or district of educational entities. The collection of tools offered by such a platform can greatly reduce the workload of administrative staff, teachers, students, and parents while enhancing productivity and cost-effectiveness. As no two organizations are the same, there are numerous challenges faced by the educational institutes which can only be solved by a robust and dynamic platform that allows changes on school level as well as global level for all the entities in it. Below are some of the prominent services built with EdTech technologies to cut down errors and enhance productivity since it started serving the industry in modularized mode:

  • Digitized learning manager 

The success of any educational institute is rooted in the success of its students. A Learning management system for managing courses and learning schedules is designed to handle the aspects of learning and offer better engagement. Through this, teachers or instructors can post the courses and assignment grades online and interact with students and parents regularly. A learning management system can also help in creating, delivering, and tracking learning content based upon an individual’s personalized goals. The modernized paperless system is replacing books and course materials by making content more engaging through the amalgamation of text, images, and video.

  • Digitalized school manager

It is a web-based database management tool that helps users in managing and organizing large chunks of student data digitally in a quick time, with a gamut of interactive features. This ensures security and minimalistic view into student details. It not only makes it easy for school admins to run the school easier but also gives a very good view into student profiles for their parents/guardians. Automation in administration and academic processes has helped institutes in keeping close attention on students’ performance through visually appealing diagrams.

  • Online Tutoring and Homework Assistance

Online Tutoring and Homework Assistance is a platform designed for providing students with on-demand tutoring and homework assistance. Through this platform, students can use their devices at any time to connect with the finest teachers and instructors possessing years of experience in the teaching industry. The 24/7 online platform makes it a cakewalk for students who want to solve their doubts and learn remotely from experts who are best in what they do. Not just this, such a platform can also host test preparation classes that students can simply log in and connect to prepare for their future.


Bundling up the EdTech solutions in one

Above are the most crucial platforms for online learning and making life easy for its users for education industry players. Educational institutions can leverage the potential of these platforms as per their requirements and implement them in their practices. Dealing with numerous vendors and understanding different systems is an effortful and time-consuming task that can restrict many from utilizing their platform. A bundled combo of these three can help in providing one-stop centralized solutions and let educational institute’s achieve their desired objectives.


What type of Educational Institutions can be helped with the solutions like this?

Managing an educational institution is a big challenge for administrators as it comes along with succeeding in everyday tasks and bringing everyone together for achieving common objectives. Educational institutions occupied with manual processes need technology-enabled solutions for solving administrative issues and emulating digital learners. The below-mentioned educational institutions can leverage the technology to improve their operational efficiency while enhancing productivity.

  • Vocational Institutes 
  • K-12 Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Sports Academies
  • Language Institutes


A contemporary EdTech system with modular apps like above is the need of the hour for this industry that resolves the problems by shifting the administrative operations on cloud and making it accessible to everyone with more interactions per user at every level.

The blog is put up to enhance the knowledge of our readers regarding Student Management Systems, their modules and make readers aware of their core functionalities. In our further blogs, we will be zooming inside different technologies and other aspects that are left uncovered. Feel free to share with us your views and what next you would like to read on Student Management System and technologies at hello@sarvika.com. Bookmark our page as we publish blogs weekly focused upon technology and its innovations in facilitating lives and how you can make the best of it. Stay tuned!

Written by Aviral Chitkara

Senior Business Operations Manager

Aviral is the Senior Business Operations Manager at Sarvika Technologies. His research skills are unquestionable, and so is his ability to provide constant motivation to the team. An engineer turned business expansion enthusiast, Aviral is a knowledge bank when it comes to politics. Whatever the confusion or problem, he is always the one with answers.

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