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The Secret Sauce Of Building A High-Performance Team

March 1, 2022 3:57 pm | by Jyotsana | Posted in Life At Sarvika

Alone we can do so little;

together, we can do so much.

Hellen Keller

Just like this noted author, hundreds of authors have penned about the importance of teamwork. Be it sports, corporates, or schools, you must have observed that leaders have always emphasized team building as one of the biggest reasons for success. Like any other stream, creating a team in a professional organization needs goal-oriented individuals. Creating a team is not about filling the required positions to produce results. 

Now, finding individuals as per their job designation isn’t difficult in the era of the Internet. Job seekers can register their profiles on job portals to connect with recruiters anywhere in the world. Very easy, isn’t it? But still many organizations are struggling in building a quality team.

LinkedIn is full of posts highlighting conflicts and disagreements over policies between teams or employees, eventually becoming their reason for leaving the organization.

Some notable reasons responsible for quitting jobs are:

  1. Lack of appreciation by the leadership.
  2. Absence of Mental wellbeing.
  3. Lack of flexible working options.
  4. Restrictive career growth. 
  5. Unhealthy workplace culture.

As different people have different mindsets and styles of working, it’s a challenge for leaders to keep them all motivated and simultaneously watch their back.

How did we overcome this challenge at STPL?

While building the team Sarvika, we wanted individuals onboard who are experts in their fields and have researched on organization behavior. People who believed in the idea of we before me. We have worked on various areas in the last eight years to build a team of diverse individuals who come from different backgrounds but are united by one vision – Growth for All. 

Here’s how we built a team and a workplace culture that promotes growth and fosters togetherness among Sarvikans.

  • Talk to anyone and everyone

Open and clear communication among team members is essential for trust-building and understanding everyone’s part in any task. When people with different mindsets share or brainstorm over a common issue, various perspectives come into the picture. To foster communication and understanding across all channels, we actively organize fun activities solely motivated to break the ice. 

  • You get reviewed for learning too

As everyone brings different skills to the table, it becomes imperative to develop/upskill them to enhance their capability in achieving the organization’s objectives. We regularly evaluate and assess our team members as per their current role for understanding skills and training they require as per industry standards.

We conduct employee development activities such as: 

  • On the Job Training
  • Mentoring
  • Regular Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Self-study Practices
  • Importance to Mental Health

We all are part of a society where conversations regarding Mental Health are no longer considered a taboo. It’s a great thing that happened, and all the people who have strongly advocated for it deserve kudos. As per WHO, over 264 million people are suffering from depression and other forms of mental diseases that are taking a toll on their emotional, physical, and social wellbeing. 

Practices we have implemented for promoting mental health and creating a healthy workplace for Sarvikans are:

  • Rewarding employees timely as per their contribution to the organization.
  • Providing a safe space to talk about mental health.
  • Celebrating events like World Mental Health Day to increase awareness.
  • Setting up a Work-Life Balance Committee where colleagues can provide their inputs on how the company can provide further help.


Wrapping it Up!

Creating a team that resonates with one vision calls for continuous and conscious efforts. Building trust between members through open communication, regular learning programs, and giving voice to everyone regarding mental health has helped us achieve the desired outcome at Sarvika Technologies. Remember that the best companies don’t just show what they offer to employees, they do. Hope the above practices we have implemented in our company will help you in building a strong team and developing a positive work culture at your workplace too. 

If you have any other suggestions that you believe can also work as the ingredients of successful team building, write to us at hello@sarvika.com. Let us together contribute and make every organization the best place to work for employees.  

Written by Jyotsana

Manager, Client Solutions

Jyotsana has a wide experience in customer relations in the software industry. She completed her MSc in Business Administration from the University of Amsterdam in year 2018. When not being a super awesome manager, Jyotsana likes to mentor hearing and/or vocally impaired children in a public school in the city. She believes in being kind. Her forever-passion: #saveearth

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