Potluck lunch, toothsome chocolate cake, Christmas presents, a lot of fun games, and cheerful music; such was the mood at Sarvika Technologies during our Christmas and year-end celebration. We also discovered hidden talents in our team members, like some are awesome singers while others can cook the most delicious food (and we’re not kidding). It was, in the true sense of the word, a cheerful end to a beautiful 2019.

Jay Godara shares why he is code-blooded!


A game-mod developer turned software architect and engineer, the best example of how a young lad’s passion helped him realize his true potential. Know Jay’s journey from the start, in his words. Click here and meet the people who made Sarvika Technologies what it is today.

Leverage the power of email marketing with these email list building tips

Are you the one who thinks that people open their emails only to clear the inbox? If yes, then you can’t be more wrong. Studies and surveys have shown that emails help eStore owners in reducing the cart abandonment rate, improve visitor conversions, boost traffic, and more. Check out our blog to learn how easy it is to build an email list that’ll take your online sales through the roof!

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