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It is not Jay, it’s RealBuckSavage | #PeopleOfSarvika

It is not Jay, it’s RealBuckSavage | #PeopleOfSarvika

January 10, 2020 10:47 am | by Jay | Posted in Life At Sarvika

When people ask me my name, on their face I say Jay but mentally I perform the James Bond line: BuckSavage, RealBuckSavage. You’re more than welcome to LOL my bad sense of humor.

I have been a part of Sarvika Technologies from the very beginning, and at present, I serve as a Software Architect and Engineer. The company today is 6 years old, but that doesn’t mean I am 30 if that’s what you’re thinking. I am 22 and I love to code. Anything. Anytime.  Sound intriguing? I bet you it is. 

It all started when I was in the 9th grade. I was a crazy Counter-Strike fan back then (I still am) and used to code game mods for a community called AlliedModders. And by the time I came to my 10th grade, I became a veteran member of that community. RC (aka the thalaiva) came back from the States in 2012 and from him, I heard about a language called Java as he possessed over 13 years of experience in it.


It was the first time I learned about another programming language and that was a Pandora’s box for me. I upskilled myself with its basics via online communities, forums, guides, and used that knowledge to build a Java-based messenger application.

RC took notice of the messenger and took me under his wings and became my mentor. The real journey began: my day was to come home from school, have lunch, and head over to RC’s house (at that time Sarvika Tech wasn’t in existence) and learn more about Java from him.

He used to give me problems to solve and algorithms to build, like asking me to implement the DES algorithm in Java or implement Playfair in Java.

My game coding experience, combined with small information fillers from RC helped in painting an entire picture of Java in my mind. Hence by the time college started, I was almost an advanced level programmer who “had to” study basic courses in college.

College: another learning curve in my life. As I shared above that I’m a Software Architect and Engineer at Sarvika Tech, yet I do not have any degree. After high school, I enrolled for BCA (an undergrad degree in computer applications) but left it midway only because of one subject, “basic” mathematics.

Well, if you think a documented degree is primary need for coding, it ain’t, believe me. Math was always a pain in my life and I somehow survived the subject till my highschool graduation. Even in the 11th grade, I couldn’t opt for STEM because of that M and had to settle for the commerce field.

Now you can call it my bad luck or karma that math came back with a reprisal in grads. I couldn’t get any credits in just one paper in-spite of trying multiple times. As a result, I had to give up on the degree.

Jay Godara - #PeopleOfSarvika

Today when someone asks me, do I regret not getting a degree? No, I do not. But this wasn’t the case back then, because that phase was very depressing and I always used to think about me being the only member in the family without a degree.

However, this perception in me and my parents changed, when they saw that my school and college peers who were excelling academically, were coming to me for advice and guidance on software engineering. All of them came to know that I was already into software development, as I had started working full time at Sarvika Technologies during my third year in college. It dawned upon me that even after getting their degrees in computer science engineering, they do not possess basic working knowledge.

I realized that degree is just a piece of paper that cannot define who Jay is, as people already know me as RealBuckSavage. Now, my job is to write, develop and deploy all day long in upcoming languages. BTW, GoLang is my favorite these days.

Written by Jay

Software Architect

Jay is a SoftwareArchitect at Sarvika Technologies, who fell in love with coding while developing mods for online games. He believes that an individual is defined by mindset and not by degrees. The software quality is of prime importance to Jay, an approach that helps him look at the bigger picture and build sustainable & sophisticated software like CLOWRE.

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