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Outsourcing for Startups: What makes it a great choice?

September 6, 2022 6:11 am | by Aviral Chitkara | Posted in Tech

So, you are the one who is all set to present yourself as, Founder, Co-Founder, or Director of your Startup. Already getting that BYOB (Be Your Own Boss) vibes. Now, you have an opportunity to make a living by doing what you always wanted to do for yourself and setting your own standards of independence, flexibility, and control.

I am sure your mind must be surrounded with questions like how I will allocate the funds. How many people do I need to hire on an initial basis? What will be my to-do list for the next six months? And plenty more like this. Establishing your own business is undeniably rewarding and satisfying but also comes with numerous responsibilities on your plate. It also becomes evident to put your best foot forward from the very first day by utilizing all the factors that benefit your business.

My years of involvement in business development for various companies have allowed me to zoom into the deciding factors which contribute to the success or failure of businesses. I have witnessed many startups that have tasted success in no time by giving their best efforts in areas like researching the competition, understanding their customers, and attracting the right amount of workforce. However, at the same time, I have also seen numerous startups that started their journey with full-speed sprints but ultimately crawled and then come to an end after some time. Some of the common reasons that I found behind the failure of businesses were running out of funds due to not meeting enough sales, mistiming in developing solutions as per the market needs, or dabbling in various things at the same time that did not give adequate time to learn and execute strategies in the correct way.


As startups need to constantly innovate themselves and concentrate on their core responsibilities with limited resources, the only way I find most effective to tackle the situation is – Outsourcing.

What can be better than just focusing on what you do best and leaving your non-core yet important tasks for someone who is simply best in what he/she does? Making a perfect balance of dividing work responsibilities between the in-house employee and outsourcing resources has resulted in giving momentum to businesses and boosting their productivity to another level.

Below you can find some of the areas where outsourcing can support your startup.

  • Focus on things that matter

If you are a newly open educational institute, initially, your core tasks must be revolving around enhancing the quality of education rather than checking the functionality of your mobile application. After all, you cannot wear multiple hats and give your best shot. However, as your application performance is also a paramount aspect, you can outsource the application development part to a professional IT firm so that you can solely focus on your core objectives and run your organization more effectively.

  • Offering Flexibility for your business

If you are into eCommerce startup, you may not need the assistance of software developers all around the year for your mobile application post its completion. Through Outsourcing, you are flexible to hire the experts only when you need them and are not bound to pay them throughout the year.

  • Take on new projects smoothly

As a Startup owner, when you insource or have a dedicated in-house team, most of your time goes into handling areas like hiring people, giving them adequate training, analyzing their performance, and providing them support whenever they need it. However, when you consider taking the help of an established IT outsourcing firm like us, you get ready-made solutions as we have resources and skills that cut down the time taken to complete any project. The rapid pump in the completion of tasks with lower risk permits businesses to further scale their operations by taking on new projects and evolving themselves as per the market needs.

  • Can save your dollars in the long run

Hiring a team comes with a hefty price tag that many startups could not manage due to limited resources. With outsourcing, you can get a better return on your investments and manage your operations even if your bank balance isn’t attractive during the initial years of your commencement.

  • Appear big even if you are not

It’s difficult for a newly commenced company to work in parallel with organizations that are established for years in terms of scale, skills, and experience. Many small firms cannot manage the level of operations that larger giants in their industry due to limited resources. Through the help of outsourcing, you are getting the best talent to work for you that can enhance the level of operations like a seasoned business and deliver the same level of results.

How can we help in giving your startup the boost it truly deserves?

We are a software solutions company, helping clients of diverse industries with our technical expertise since 2013. We have extended our support in providing digital solutions to organizations at all levels through effective strategies and accomplishments. Going into startup and doing all these things on your own is hard, actually very hard. With us at your side, you get quality-driven, and reliable IT solutions simply meant for your startup growth. We can design custom applications from scratch, manage infra dependencies, provide round-the-clock support services, and lead your business to digital transformation. Get in touch with us for your next project or to share any feedback by writing to us at hello@sarvika.com.

Written by Aviral Chitkara

Senior Business Operations Manager

Aviral is the Senior Business Operations Manager at Sarvika Technologies. His research skills are unquestionable, and so is his ability to provide constant motivation to the team. An engineer turned business expansion enthusiast, Aviral is a knowledge bank when it comes to politics. Whatever the confusion or problem, he is always the one with answers.

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