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What makes Laravel the first choice in the PHP developers’ community?

January 23, 2023 5:55 am | by Kishan Saini | Posted in Tech

Having a high-performance application for businesses has become more essential than ever, with the software development industry affecting every sector. With so many PHP development framework options available, it always comes as a challenge to turn down the search to zero for a web application. Having prolific experience in testing and working on different frameworks, our team has gained an understanding of what works better for which project.

Below are some key reasons that make Laravel one of the best options for the PHP framework.

Simple to use

One of the strong reasons behind the massive popularity of Laravel is its ease of use. Compared to other technologies, it’s easy to master Laravel, and it’s a big plus. As developers, no one wants to get occupied with messy codes that take time and effort while developing an application. Laravel possesses elegant syntax, making it a handy technology even for budding programmers. A large number of libraries, tools and templates helps in saving time and ensures faster outcomes in making an application live.

The MVC(Model View Controller) architectural support

Laravel works on MVC architecture to make the job of developers easy while creating business applications of any size. It also provides developers with a simplified coding structure and improved documentation to further permit them in achieving success in complex projects. The MVC pattern uses a Laravel controller for handling requests, interacting with models for the database and showing the final view to the user. This single-function deployment is one of the major reasons for making Laravel the most opted framework for developing applications for organizations.

Laravel PHP Framework

Advanced integrated features

Laravel comes with lots of pre-programmed systems which can be added to the application within no time and help developers. It can also help in simplifying the backend build irrespective of the complexity levels of the application. The developers can add functionalities in Laravel through ready-to-use packages without writing them from scratch.

Great for Traffic-Handling

Laravel-developed websites are known for handling traffic of higher volumes effortlessly in comparison to other frameworks. There is no scope for doubt that businesses seek a high-performing website that works smoothly irrespective of the growing traffic. Laravel utilizes a unique message queue system which ensures you can delay time-consuming tasks by running them in the background and process tasks easier.

Big community & support

Laravel is one of the PHP frameworks whose usage has skyrocketed in the last few years, resulting in a large and active community. The community of Laravel developers is open to sharing their knowledge, experience and learning to provide quick valuable support whenever anyone gets stuck. A developer can report a bug or any issue which will most likely get resolved by the community in a short period, resulting in reduced delays.

Most of the Laravel difficulties experienced by developers are already solved on the internet. Added to that, if a developer reports bugs or security problems, that will most likely get a quick response from the community that adds new functionalities, use case scenarios and features, helping to cut down on delays and costs.

Authorisation and access control

Approval and access control guarantee that information in the different data sets is safeguarded. With Laravel, the execution of access control and approval is streamlined and extremely simple to implement. With the help of single command, you can perform Login, Registration and Password Reset, making it a quick option to implement a complete authentication system.


Security is counted among one of the essential elements of the database and Laravel promises you that. Its framework and architecture can smoothly handle all online threats and protect the application from any cybersecurity risk. Whenever a user logs into the system, an automated token gets generated for preventing any kind of unauthorized use. Below are some features that come with Laravel are:

  • Encryption
  • User Authentication
  • Routes Protection
  • Password reminders and Reset
  • HTTP Authentication
  • Password Storage
  • Logging in users manually
  • Authentication drivers


We hope you liked the points above and love to incorporate the Laravel framework for your upcoming projects. The above advantages of using this technology make it one of the first choices by the developer community globally. If you have used this technology in any of your projects before, kindly share your thoughts with me here.

Written by Kishan Saini

Kishan Saini is Senior Application Developer at Sarvika Technologies. He holds a B.Tech degree in computer science and finds applies his technical skills in solving queries as his perfect 'me' time. A family man at heart and someone who believes in staying grounded with his life approach. He likes to spend time with his close ones after his working hours or go on small vacations during weekends.

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