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Rising Trends in B2B E-commerce

Rising Trends in B2B E-commerce

March 11, 2019 5:53 am | by Jyotsana | Posted in eCommerce

Now, when the once-fancy term e-commerce is a household things, we would like to talk about B2B e-commerce industry. Which is relatively behind in the graph but has wider scopes in the application. There comes our name, for successful implementation of system that are smoothening of your relations with your clients.

Written by Jyotsana

Manager, Client Solutions

Jyotsana has a wide experience in customer relations in the software industry. She completed her MSc in Business Administration from the University of Amsterdam in year 2018. When not being a super awesome manager, Jyotsana likes to mentor hearing and/or vocally impaired children in a public school in the city. She believes in being kind. Her forever-passion: #saveearth

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