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Meet- Our- 24-7-Troubleshooters- Tech Support- Team

Meet Our 24/7 Troubleshooters: Tech Support Team

October 26, 2022 8:39 am | by Sarvika Technologies | Posted in Life At Sarvika

It’s been close to a decade since we have been single-mindedly focused on delivering sustainable business values while working on the intersection of business and technology. Being consistent with our mission to create digital transformation from day one, we are involved in many success stories where we have empowered businesses using our tech stack and unlocked their digital growth. However, to make sure everything works smoothly in supporting the technical requirements of the business, there is a lot that happens behind the curtains.

Like any other IT organization, we also face blockers of unexpected problems on regular bases, such as – system failure, network connection failure, hardware-related troubles, or client-generated issues, to name a few. To tackle such areas, taking the help of machines and automation has become a common practice to deliver solutions and fill the gaps in business-critical tasks.

There is no scope of doubt that setting operations on automation mode have delivered fast outcomes and are been extensively utilized across sectors. But, even after so much innovation and progress in the IT industry, still, the value of the human touch hasn’t lost its charm. There is and always be the need for human intelligence and intervention to deliver solutions in a people-oriented business. In order to deliver efficient outcomes, the combination of human intelligence and technology can work as an augmented workforce that can complement each other.

At Sarvika Tech, we have a super-efficient team of Tech Support Executives that resolves the company’s issues and safeguard infrastructure for our globally spanned clients in different time zones. These super amazing people are proficient in working on diverse technologies and are available 24/7 to handle every responsibility with perfection.

We have dedicated this article to our Tech Support Executives, their respective journeys, and how they feel working at Sarvika Tech.

  Meet Our 24/7 Troubleshooters: Kshitij Sharma  

    I have a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication to my name if you want to know about my education. Since my college days, I was dead focused on cracking a government job in the Banking sector as it promises a comfortable, easy-going lifestyle. Even after various attempts, I couldn’t get over the line and started focusing on a job in the private sector to come in the category of “Employed People”.  

I got in touch with Sarvika Team through an online job searching portal, as they were looking to add more people on board due to the expansion of operations. Being a complete newbie and hardcore hater of coding, I was unsure how will I cope with everything in the tech setup. The 45 days of training at Sarvika Tech let me get into the skin of Tech Support, where I got groomed regarding everything from scratch. After completing my first year in the organization, now, I am involved in sales-related operations under the guidance of the Sales Team and looking forward to growing as a Sales and Marketing executive in the coming years. When I am not involved in work, I like to spend time with my daughter that came into my life a few months back.

  Meet Our 24/7 Troubleshooters: Ravi Kiran  

    My life started in Alwar, where I was born and did my education in commerce background. While pursuing my bachelor’s degree, my interest shifted towards making a career in the IT industry, but I was clueless about taking the first step in the world of technology. During that same time, Sarvika Tech was looking for freshers for Tech Support, and I somehow applied to try my luck and experience the world of technology.  

At Sarvika Tech, I took on the role of Tech Support Executive and got groomed under different teams regarding learning about technologies and work processes. Today, I feel over the moon when I find myself working on diverse aspects of Tech Support and resolving issues of my team. As I am advancing in my career, I am now looking to start my journey as a Quality Analyst by getting supervised by the QA experts within the organization

  Meet Our 24/7 Troubleshooters: Jitendra Choudhary  

    From a person with a basic knowledge of computers to now working on different technologies, I believe I have covered a long distance in the last 1.5 years which motivates me to work every day even harder. Being a non-tech guy and fresher in the IT industry, one of the biggest challenges was to work around different technologies. However, all my issues vanished with the intensive training program conducted by the team right from day one to overcome my shortcomings.  

The best part of working at Sarvika Tech is that you never need to think twice whenever you seek a helping hand as everyone on the team is supportive and treats you like a family member. Being a part of the Tech Support Team, I have received the opportunity to address and resolve queries of the team and make an active contribution towards the organization’s growth.

  Meet Our 24/7 Troubleshooters: Narendra sen  

    As far as I remember, I always wanted to make a career in a stream that revolved around computers. My curiosity to work around technologies and IT geeks acted as a driving force to constantly search for organizations on different job portals. I turn down my search to zero with Sarvika Tech as it showcased a clear pathway towards working on diverse technologies.  

It’s been three months since I have been at Sarvika Tech where every day has been a different dose of learning. My seniors have been supportive and provided me with the required knowledge to start learning everything from scratch regarding Tech support. The night shift is the challenging part of the game for an early riser like me, but when you receive appreciation from your seniors regarding resolving queries promptly, it’s all worth it. Apart from my core tasks, I am also focusing on enhancing my bilingual communication skills. Outside my work, I am a book wormer who likes to read about ancient Indian history on weekends or perform meditation for relaxation.

  Meet Our 24/7 Troubleshooters: Lakshman Singh  

    I am the youngest of the Tech Support team who joined the squad three months back. My hometown is in Rajsamand, where I was born in a family dominated by government officers. Unlike my family members, I was a tech enthusiast since my school days, I was keen to make a career in the IT industry but lacked the understanding of the path that can take me to my desired point.  

I joined Sarvika Tech as a Tech Support Executive to understand what it takes to go above and beyond in helping clients, which is the main focal point of any business. The best part of working at Sarvika Tech is there are no restrictions to learning, as everyone here will genuinely support you and ensure you get the answer to everything that is stuck in your mind. Like my fellow Tech Support Colleagues, I am also aiming to add more skills and unlock more windows in the world of technology.

  Meet Our 24/7 Troubleshooters: Ravindra Singh  

    Can you expect a guy to work in an IT organization who left his studies due to family reasons and worked as a sales guy for the past two years? Well, it is my story. Right from the beginning, I was interested in working in the IT industry but left my studies in the first year of my college to work as a Sales Executive. I joined Sarvika Technologies one year back while I resumed my Bachelor’s in Computer Application degree and carried my self-learning experience in Dev Ops.

It has been a fruitful journey at Sarvika Tech, where I got to delve deeper into diverse technological aspects through experienced professionals. The Tech support team has been the stepping stone for many individuals at Sarvika Tech who later jumped on other technologies and made a lucrative career for themselves. I am currently working under the supervision of senior colleagues who are guiding me in DevOps, which is always been my focal point of interest. Outside my job, I am the guy who will be the first one to say yes to any sports activity as playing outdoor games excite me like anything and is the perfect way to spend my weekend.


Written by Sarvika Technologies

Sarvika Tech is a team of young, energetic, and technology-loving people on the journey to help companies achieve their goals by supporting their IT needs. In a nutshell, we are a people’s company where the priority is their knowledge enhancement and career development. We believe that focusing on our most important asset, the team, will enable us to push boundaries and deliver ingenious IT solutions.

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