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Unlocking Excellence: Upskill Your Team Today For A Brighter Tomorrow

September 15, 2023 8:59 am | by Sarvika Technologies | Posted in Life At Sarvika

In pursuit of accomplishing an organization’s collective vision, it is the dedication of individuals at every level that helps businesses move in the right direction. The secret sauce to a business’s success is the exceptional performance of each team member, all contributing to common goals and objectives that an organization strives for.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Employee’s skills play a crucial role in their ability to face challenges, and how they match up against the increasingly competitive landscape, and Business owners have been starting to realize how to prepare their employees to continue rowing the boat when the tide is high.

The business ecosystem is rapidly transforming, and upskilling working professionals has become essential. In order to stay relevant and succeed in their designations, working professionals must continuously enhance their skills and knowledge.

However, the journey of upskilling employees is not without its obstacles, a challenge we’ve encountered here at Sarvika Tech, too. For many in the IT sector, the most significant hurdle is the scarcity of time. Shockingly, 61% of professionals admit they need more time to embark on the upskilling journey.

So, how to surmount this challenge and empower team members to thrive within an organization? Here are some compelling solutions:

1. Assessing Current Skill Levels

The journey to upskilling begins with thoroughly assessing employees’ current skill sets. This evaluation should encompass not only technical proficiencies but also soft skills such as communication, leadership, and team cohesion.

It would be better to provide employees with high-quality training that demonstrates the company’s way of working, goals, and end-to-end procedures during the induction period. This will introduce and mould them to an organization’s way of working as quickly as possible.

A high-quality, comprehensive training program provides employees with a greater understanding of your organization’s processes, procedures, and goals.

2. Carving Out Dedicated Learning Time

Since many tech-savvy professionals struggle to find time for learning outside their work hours, a twofold approach can be helpful. Firstly, allocating designated learning hours during the workday where they single-mindedly focus on learning new skills and not being assigned any task. It might reduce their daily required outcome, but this promises far greater returns in the form of a skilled and empowered workforce over time.

Secondly, organizing learning sprints to equip specific teams with the knowledge required for upcoming projects. It facilitates skill development and nurtures a culture of continuous learning where employees feel supported and encouraged to grow.

3. Offering Learning Resources

We recognize that accessing relevant learning materials can be a challenge. To address this issue, organizations can provide tailored resources aligned with the needs of projects and overall business objectives.

Conducting a training session on the premises by an external expert who can educate/ train the entire team to conduct a set of tasks they will be doing in a particular project or purchasing a course/subscription that anyone can access as per their bandwidth.

In addition, organizations can subscribe to online learning and teaching providers that let individuals learn anything in technology or any other discipline at their own pace.

Mentors >> Leaders

In many cases, personalized one-on-one training sessions have displayed better outcomes in elevating the learning levels of individuals. It promises benefits such as

  • Flexible learning
    • Highly Attentive and Engaging
      • Saves Time
        • Makes individuals feel heard
          • Cultivates better relationship

          Providing developing programs that enhance employees’ skillsets, or promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among peers can lead to significant opportunities for professional development.

          4. Tracking Performance & Providing Regular Feedback

          Every individual learns at a different pace – some grasp new concepts effortlessly, a handful may require more time and effort, while a bunch may need a quick practice session/workshop. To ensure that the investment in learning and skill development is yielding fruitful results, assessments are vital. These assessments help identify areas where individuals can improve, motivating them to give their best efforts.

          Appreciation and Feedback wield immense power in someone’s personal growth journey. Regular feedback from upper management enhances individuals’ learning capabilities and makes them feel recognized for their contributions.

          What we at Sarvika are doing to nurture our workforce?

          At Sarvika Tech, we continually organize a plethora of events and activities designed to uplift and cultivate our people. Our seasoned Team Leads conduct various sessions from time to time (Cutting-edge Technologies/Tools, Communication Development, Managerial Skills, Leadership Qualities, etc.) to inspire and guide our workforce.

          upskill Your Team blog- Life at Sarvika Technologies

          As many of our people represent our business to external clients, we do a lot of heavy lifting in working on communication skills and the overall personality development of people around us. There are numerous communication-related activities – Group Discussions, Prepared Speeches, Storytelling and many more, which are always on our calendars on a monthly basis.

          Recently, we conducted a five-day leadership program designed to improve and elevate our leaders to conquer any situation with competence. The workshop covered focal points of leadership in the dynamic environment through engaging activities and insightful sessions conducted by our in-house experts.

          Today’s dynamic business ambience calls for upskilling working professionals. Due to the constant digital transformation, the changing job market, and the need for new skills, individuals need to continually improve their knowledge and competencies. Moreover, upskilling is a continuous process.

          The ability to learn continuously and upskill ensures that an individual can adapt to changes in the workplace and grow as an asset, making them a valuable member of the team.

Written by Sarvika Technologies

Sarvika Tech is a team of young, energetic, and technology-loving people on the journey to help companies achieve their goals by supporting their IT needs. In a nutshell, we are a people’s company where the priority is their knowledge enhancement and career development. We believe that focusing on our most important asset, the team, will enable us to push boundaries and deliver ingenious IT solutions.

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